First 20 years

Bobby's career in brand and culture, space development, design, and operations began at Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas in 1992. During his 20-year tenure, he opened over 100 stores in key locations such as Manhattan, Austin, San Francisco, and Chicago. As Culture Director and Vice President of Development, Bobby made substantial contributions to the company's growth and success.

Next 20-ish years

In 2005, Bobby returned to Austin and over the next 17 years served as Vice President of Culture and Operations at Bunkhouse Management and Vice President of Hotels at MML Hospitality, overseeing distinguished hotel brands including Hotel Saint Cecilia, San Cristobal, El Cosmico, and the hotel Saint Vincent. Under Bobby's leadership, Bunkhouse became known for its forward-thinking business practices, dedication to employee well-being, and strong community involvement. oh, and he also ran South By San Jose, Trans Pecos Festival of Music + Love, was a co-founder of QueerBomb and still creates joy and money for those that need it at Chunky Dunk.

Next However-many years

Bobby currently serves as a consultant to large-scale development properties, hoteliers, and investors, specializing in employee retention, design, creative direction, and brand development. He has successfully created retail lines, custom hotel accessories, linens, custom hats and fragrances. His expertise in product development and fabrication is evidenced by his co-founding of STAG menswear and Mercury Design Studio. Based in Austin, Bobby spends his free time creating new projects with his loyal companion, Lil’ Sissy the wonder dog, by his side.

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